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  • Happy Stuffed Birth Belly Day Posted by admin on June 17th, 2010

    Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you.. What a song, we sing it over and over again every year to ourselves and to others as we reach another year of our lives here in this huge world, and speaking of huge, the hugely developing stuffed belly is a definite threat to us, the fact that as time pass by and age takes it’s toll on our wretched bodies we are very very prone to the impending monstrosity of developing stuffed belly. But thus age really affect our body especially the formation of stuffed belly?

    I’ve dug up through my old biology books and i found out that as our age gets higher the lower our metabolism rate goes.. meaning as our age progresses then the chances that we develop stuffed belly also increases, and this findings isn’t only for men alone, it goes with women also. This case is 75% true to all men and women and specially to those who have such a sedentary lifestyle with almost no exercise habits at all (I left out 25% of it to the genes that created us this way because there are really some that how ever they eat or sleep or do nothing they really don’t develop this disdainful situation having a stuffed belly).

    So what the heck, do we want to sing Happy Birthday or Happy Stuffed Birth Belly? Which ever maybe your choice, i just hope you want it to be that way, having a stuffed belly or having a birthday party free from the shadows of stuffed belly.

    I really find this amusing, you know what just got in my mind?

    Quick Trivia: Did you know that scientist identify the age of a tree through it’s growth rings, well i guess we don’t want that you or i will be identified through the size of our stuffed belly to know how old we are, yes that would be absurd.

    But Really, we can’t let our health down nor ourselves and the ones that really cares about us, as we acquire those precious years and add up piles of experience with it plus the nice people we meet, let’s be wiser and keep our bellies flat, free from the harsh reality of stuffed belly, let’s not falter to the clumsiness of the moment, even if sometimes falter in maintaining the flat fat free bellies, lets make up for it, if we have already developed such stuffed belly then lets make up for the lost times we forgot how serious it is. Let us sing happy birthdays with the pure happiness we feel and experience being free from a stuffed belly.

    Cat + Stuffed Belly = Fame? Posted by admin on June 16th, 2010

    Realizing you’ve got a stuffed belly won’t actually help you control it, but it can only give you awareness whether you want to have it as it is, a stuffed belly or you want to get rid of it and tune up your belly for a toner view.

    A question then came to my mind, Is it really that discouragingly detrimental having a stuffed belly? Despite having a stuffed belly, can anyone still have the esteem to become a movie star just like any others with flat belly? Well, the creators of Garfield the Cat think of it so, that they even made the stuffed belly as part of Garfield’s physical trademark, and Garfield the Cat became so popular that a movie on 2004 was made entitled “Garfield: The Movie” though some think that this movie is funny and charming but others say it’s rotten and made it’s slot to the “100 Worst Movies of All Time” according to Rotten Tomatoes (an online reviews from authors that are certified members of various writing guilds or film critic associations). But what the Heck, if a movie is made for you and even entitled by your name then that means your famous, and that’s one famous stuffed belly cat.

    beer and belly Posted by admin on June 9th, 2010

    Beer ,according to our history is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. But what’s it got to do with our pal the stuffed belly?

    Well, here is the thing, Beer is formed by brewing fermented starch, and from the word starch it is carbohydrates by itself, and let’s not forget that the more we ingest carbohydrates the more it stores itself in our body, these Carbs or Calories we obtained from drinking beer are often stored around the abdominal area forming what we call The Stuffed Belly.

    When that time comes that our stuffed belly is so obvious that we experience the burden of it, and so we tend to do something about it, but not doing something about our friend “the beer”, and so we resolve to looking alternative ways to cope up with our massively growing stuffed belly and later on we realize that all efforts are futile because beer in itself is heaven, ain’t it? the taste of bitter sweet coldness as it pass through our parched throats gasping for a drink and as it run down our stomach it send shivers to our brain that create an instant euphoria and that the more we engorge in it the more pleasing it becomes. As we drift to the night we succumb ourselves to the fact that we stuffed beer in our ever swelling stuffed belly.

    Later, as morning breaks, we find ourselves wondering if it is too late to apologize from weakness we have from the cold tasteful beer with our massively developing stuffed belly. And upon pondering things we realize that if we want to lose the stuffed belly we need to lose the beer and if we keep the beer then we keep the belly.

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